Adult Swim Lessons Summer 21

Adult swim lessons starting on Wednesday July 7th, 7pm. BEGINNER CLASS. Sunrise Pool!

June Krauser Aquatic Center
June Krauser Aquatic Center
coming soon to Wilton Manors, FL

June Krauser Aquatic Center, Wilton Manors, FL
3D Modeling, Rendering and Animation by Jack Dean [johnathan.dean at spartans.ut.edu]

In order to meet the needs of the South Florida swimming community for a covered 50 meter pool and a fitness and therapy destination, Hammerhead Aquatics is undertaking the creation of the June Krauser Aquatic Center, an indoor 50 meter swimming pool and therapy pool. With an indoor training area, lockers, small café, food prep, kitchen facility, event space and outdoor patio, the envisioned June Krauser Aquatic Center will create a destination like no other in South Florida in June’s long time home of Wilton Manors.


Sponsorship Opportunities are now here for the June Krauser Aquatic Center, future home of Hammerhead Aquatics. We have many different ways you can help! From a large sponsorship, to a memorial brick on the Big J walkway, or even any amount you would like to help with would be greatly appreciated! Donate today!

1) CLICK HERE to donate any amount of money to help us move forward with the center (scroll to the bottom of the page)
2) CLICK HERE to donate memorial bricks to be placed in the “Big J Walkway” to the building
3) CLICK HERE to donate a larger sum of money to help with the bigger costs of the Center