Breath taking:  when you take into consideration the full scope of this two day event this weekend, all I can say these kids are nothing short of amazing.

Congratulations to all of our 11 Hammerhead swimmers who attended the “B” Champs this weekend.  You should be proud of your accomplishments.

11 swimmers participated in the event and swam 50 events:  

257.6 seconds of improvement, that’s over 4 minutes 29 seconds of improvenent 

36 best times were achieved out of our 50 swims

13 Junior Olympic cuts off times were achieved this weekend  Add that total to our all ready qualified events totaling 20  and we have six swimmers participating in 33 events next weekend.  That’s quite unbelievable!!!

Placings:  11 first place finishes,  3 second place finishes, 3 third place finishes, 5 fourth place finishes, 2 fifth place finishes, one sixth place finishes, four 7th place finishes, one eighth place finishes.  

That’s 31 top 8 finalists swims out of the 50 events entered.

You guys are the best, congratulations, the “OLE” Coach is so very proud of you.

We have come so far, Its not over yet, lets keep our eye on the goal.

All together now:  Goooooooooo Hamerheads

Coach Woodburn
Hammerhead USA Swimming